"Let's capture your emotions and make them unforgettable"
Renaud Conti

Wedding Film in Provence

I offer you a timeless film of the precious instants and emotions of your Wedding Day.

The lavenders fields of "Plateau de Valensole", the old olive trees, the quaint domains with stone houses, the unic landscapes, the peculiar Provence lights and colours...

Here is one of the best place in the world to celebrate your wedding.

Everything is gathered here to offer you a wonderful surround for your Wedding video.

Picture @Thomas Audiffren

Your wedding Flimmaker in Provence

Hi, I'm Renaud, I'm french, live in Provence and I'm english speaker.
I'd love to capture the priceless moments, emotions, sounds, colours and movements of your wedding and make them eternal.

I propose you to be your wedding filmmaker in Provence.

I love to live here in Provence where I was born, and I also love to travel.
I lived for while in New Zealand so I can easily speak english with you.

I'd be glad to talk with you about your wedding project in Provence.

Your drone pilot

I'm licensed as a professional drone pilot, to offer you stunning aerial shots of your wedding.
This way we can really discover the venue of your wedding, the amazing landscapes all around...

Provence - A romantic place

Provence is a Romantic land of sun and perfums, of quaint architecture, stone houses, unic colours and lights.

You can both enjoy magical place by the sea and inlands with the same magic.

A wonderful place to gather your family and friends, and amazing landscapes and lights to make a wedding film.

"L'art de vivre" in Provence

As we often talk about "La Dolce Vita" For the Italian gentle way of living, Provence is THE place of holidays and french "Art de Vivre"

You'll enjoy fine food cooking, many fresh specialities inherited of the mediterranean culture as olive oil, fish, fresh kitchen garden vegetables, amazing fruits matured by Provence sunbeams...

Lights of Provence

Provence as always been a place loved by painters, photographers and filmmakers for its particular light.

A place of choice to celebrate your wedding with a stunning natural light.

Vineyards and Wine

One of the best region to celebrate your wedding with delicious local wines.

The white, the "rosé" and the red are beautifully made here as a result of thousand years of wine culture and skills.


TEL : +33 (6) 59 84 94 47